Ahad, 18 Februari 2018

Day 1 - i am a tailor.

30 day challenge.

"Write some basic things about yourself."

My name is.. your know what my name already. You know what my age is. you must know every-basic-thing about myself if you go through my old entries. Butttt... you maybe not know, that i am a tailor and day by day, i'm slowly falling in love by being a tailor. 

i'm not being a tailor because i want it, but it's because i don't have anything to do at that time, so when my friend ask me to go to kelas menjahit, i just say YES! LET'S GO. LET'S DO IT. And i regret after i know menjahit is not as easy as i though.

As time goes by, the regrets turn to money, turn to jobs, turn to i have no other choice rather than just do it. 

until today.


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